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DanceDance Party

Dancer Natty spent time in UK, UAE and now HK as professional dancer for events, shows, commercials, and kids events, her dance reel shows just how wide her range is, from locking and popping to pop dance, to hip hop to kids entertainment Natty does it all and always with a beaming smile and energy

Natty Dance party
1 main entertainer, plus 1 assistant - organizing the kids, making sure they are listening, getting kids to line up for limbo, ensuring nobody is left out and getting involved with dancing.


Entertainer 1: Demonstrates dance moves

Entertainer 2: Music Duty and Crowd Control

- 10/15 minute musical celebrity mats (like musical chair)
- 5 minute warm up
- 10/15 minute routine
- 5 minute performance
- 10 minute Dancing games (Limbo)

Prior to party, we create a personalised playlist for the party of all of the birthday child's favourite songs. As a BIRTHDAY GIFT, we can create a CD for the birthday girl/boy of all the songs.

DanceDance Party