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Magic Josay

Presenting Josay!!
Josay has an award winning style that has earned him so much praise in Latin America also proved to entertain and thrill audiences in his new homeland. Josay continued to earn both the esteem of his peers and numerous awards at this time establishing him as a true international award-winning magician. Audiences from Canada to China have enjoyed both live performances as well as numerous TV appearances.

As a member of the highly respected International Brotherhood of Magician and the Vancouver Magic Circle, you can count on Jose to set the highest standards for every show and performance.
His awards include the 1991 Cuban National Champion-Performing Magician.

Thanks. Josay put on a fantastic show for the children. They all really enjoyed it.

Josay is absolutely awesome, well. He was great with the kids and the parents loved him.

Josay was great! We really had a good time with him this afternoon, kids and adults!!

Show Run down - Silver package
Mystery rope: In Josays hands, a normal piece of rope turns into a loop without ends, after the endsare put back, he cuts the rope into two pieces and restores them back into one piece in a mysterious way. Josay brief intro about show, birthday boy/girl and special fast magical presentation Illusion Hat: An imaginary illusion that makes a rabbit appears and disappears from a picture hat withlots of surprises at the end. Comedy Sponge Ball: with one volunteer and two sponge balls, Josay brings a lot of giggle andsurprises to the crowd. (audience participation) Three- Linking- Rings: A classical act with a new twist of Latin music and dance!(audience participation) Spot card: a magic lesson that teaches you how to change the number of spots on a card each timewhen you flip it over, with a surprise ending that leaves the audience with wonders. Dogs on silks: two volunteers show two red silks with one dog printed on each of them, one black, onewhite. Within a magician’s bag, Josay mixes them up and turns them into one Dalmatian.(audience participation) Josay thanks birthday boy/girl & parents for the party, and a brief intro for final actMix routine: An award winning magic act that contains: cane turns into two handkerchiefs, silks turnsinto confetti’s, cup levitated in the air, silk fountain production, finish with a snow storm.Note: Depending on the condition and regulations of the performing area, there might beslight changes on the order and contents of the acts

Magic Josay